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Grab objects, navigates via user input

My first claw robot. Found the first version claw from SparkFun in a box - totally forgot I ordered one over a year ago. After a long process of dealing with how the mini servo fit into the claw and how the tension on the gears worked, I added this wrist and claw onto the SparkFun Magician chassis to add motion to the entire system. Raspberry Pi with WiFi, the Adafruit T Cobbler and an SN75441 motor controller complete the robot. I'm using RPIO for the Raspi GPIO in Python. A simple client/server socket connects the bot with the user PC for control. The first two videos show keyboard only control, which is kinda rough in my opinion. Updates will include using the Arduino Esplora controller and a normal USB joystick controller, all of which the Python script will pass the data to the bot itself.

Update video 1 adds rubber bands to the claw for additional gripping and the removal of the clamp counter weight.

Update video 2 shows control with the Arduino Esplora controller via Python sockets and serial.

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Hey Man nice job on the design ,and it looks cool too :) :) :)