Let's Make Robots!

Looking for someone to print a BOB for me for a present.

I was wondering if someone could print me some BOB parts for my 4 year old birthday next month. I've been working on building him a robot by gutting an RC car I had laying around. I don't think I will be able to get it done in time since I've been working on it for over a month. Kinda tough to do much when you have a 5 month old also. My son absolutely love robots. Would love to get a video of him opening a present with a robot in it. I live in the US. If someone be willing to help me out and give me a price or something would be awesome.

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I could live with the all yelllow. I sent you an email. Thanks alot! 

If you can live with all yellow or yellow with baby blue shoe's I have one thats done. Contact me if your interested.

We have lots of great guys doing prints for those of us who don't own printers-I'd recommend either of those two.  They've both done parts for me and the results are beautiful-works of art, in fact.  Frank did the very first Bob by the way.  Also, Ossipee has been doing a new machine for ChickenParmi and he's had some experience making gorgeous Bobs.  If he has time, you might ask him!

He does pretty good with my Robosapien. He just gets really excited watching robots move. So hoping to come across someone on here. Thanks for offering to help me if you had a printer.

im sure there is someone here that can help, unfortunately i myself dont even have a printer or i would print you one in a heart beat. 

i ill warn you though bob is small and can be fragile. although he survives my three year old just fine