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X/Y Plotter in a Box

Draws Pictures

Hey folks,

Here is one I did just for fun. Yup, its a whole X/Y plotter and yup, its in a box! Woo Hoo!

Its a pretty simple setup, the Y axis is via a 2" aluminum drum, the X axis slides on rails much like any 3d printer or the like, and the Z (pen lift) is a simple spool that winds up some fishing line to draw the pen back. A simple return spring keeps the pen against the paper. --Its a fancy-schmancy actual plotter pen, by the way.

Construction is a bit of everthing, little CNC, some laser cutting and some manual work on the lathe. All in all, I might have 20 hours into it. All parts were stuff I had on hand.

The brains consist of an Arduino Nano running GRBL and a very simple desktop app is used as a G-code feeder. All "drawing files" are produced via CamBam --The same software I use to produce cut files for my CNC and laser cutter.

It turned out pretty good, I think, but I have no idea what I am going to use it for.  :)

Pictures, yo.

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Well, "Just for fun" sounds like folding a paper plane but not with CtC. I remember This happened by accident and like this post we can see right here it was a bold understatement.

We are missing you since months and now you come out with that box plotter which is a remarkable piece of craftmanship. Well done Chris, hope we can see more from Roketbrandstudio soon.

Great project. I love the "that's a piece of paper" in the video. It looks amazing.

Only one thing missing....."Ting!"

You are not the first to notice I forgot the ting...   :)

and amazing, nice project.

Great "just for fun" project. What is the resolution and how long did it take to print the plane?

I think "for fun" negates the need for specs, no?

Ok, Ok, lemme see (lets do "Y")...

  • 200 steps/ rev on the motor
  • *16th's = 3200 steps/rev
  • 2" drum = 50.8mm *pi = 6.28" or 160mm
  • steps into distance...   
  • .002" per step  --or--  .05mm per step

The pen is supposed to draw a .5mm line, so in theory, I am 10x more accurate than the width of the line being drawn.


That's how you make a project video. No long intros, show what it can do and what it's made of. And have personality. I just wanted to see it do the RocketBrand logo instead of the F-15.

Amazing how you can get all this stuff to talk to each other... AND do things.

Cool stuff.


Its a plotter. In a box -?! (queue the music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxLacN2Dp6A )