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Walter II

Sits on a desk and looks around

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce, "Walter II"

(Walter II is this year's "big project" going with me to Maker Faire NYC 2013)

In the style of the orginal Walter, I have built Walter II to be a desktop compainion. I may end up building a proper base for him, or I may just keep him on my desk to keep me company and read me my email. I dunno. Either way, he was a labor of love, requiring many hundreds of hours, an insane amount of math and hand-written notes, and a ton of patience.

Bevel gears on neck assembly. The timing belts can work in unison to tilt the head, or against each other to rotate.


Main gears for the lift of the main arm. This is basically just a lot of gearing to increase the strength of the stepper motors. The central axle is turned via chain drive from the steppers. This turns two pinion gears (attached to the main axle). These pinion gears turn the main gears which ride on bearings about 1/3 of the way down the arm. These main gears turn a smaller gear between them which, in turn, "climbs" its way along the teeth cut in the the center support. 

The two sprockets you can see are allowed to turn freely on this main center axle and transfer power from the stepper motors to the neck assembly.


Chain drive for the main lift mechanism.


Here are all the stepper drivers and electronics. Two Arduino Nano's (each running Teacup firmware) control the steppers. One drives the neck (X/Y) and the second drives the main arm up and down (Z). A standard Arduino Uno feeds G-code via serial to the two Nano's. Also included is a Wii NunChuck connector that allows me to drive the mechanics manually via joystick and tilt.

And there he is!


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Wonderfull Engineering

Hi Chris,

Congratuations on a beatifully engineered machine. It was definitly worth all the pain :-)

The neck system is so different and well designed! Congrats!

Infact CtC, I'd say it's better!

Amazing work and I love the fact your building Walter II using tools you built!

Keep the creativity going mate, you inspire so many of us!

great work ctc......i remember how you helped me when iam in need of android app for my first project then i couldn't be in touch with you but i take this as a chance to thank you. best of luck for your maker fair. 

As fritsl has said in some other post: "Where is the +1/like button when you need it?"

Walter II definitely needs a base so that he will be able to stroll around.

Impressive work!


P.S.: Walter is still alive, or he lives in Walter II?
P.S.2: Just collected it in my personal bookmarks collection.

Can you tell us if you did made your gear and timing wheels or if you did buy it ?

I made each and every part you see from scratch.

ericteuh, watch the video... It shows him making the parts.

This is insane, Chris!

You are a very talented person.

Fantastic :D