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First robot idea

I'm new to this website, but have been researching robots for a while, and my ultimate aim is to have a cube shaped robot on 4 wheels which can walk around on its own, and can follow you, with a talking ability if that's possible, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, smiggle

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If you are looking to study loki, his data is on his inventor's website. You can make a robot like what you descibed minus the following by some kits via robotshop, or get started with the LMR robot. If you've already done some small bots, a turtlebot or a similar kit might be up your ally. Otherwise, grab a start here kit or the lego nxt and go to town. Talking can be done with an mp3 component or if you want low tech, a buzzer when working with a pickaxe.

I have several mp3s I could tear apart, which part is needed?
I also have an ado amp I made in year 8, would that work?
That's one hell of a machine, and no, it's never been featured on LMR. He uses what apppears to be a Pentium laptop that talks to the world through An Arduino. http://www.dshinsel.com/loki/.
Box on wheels, straight forward. Following people, doable, there are a few ways to do it. Speech on the other hand, not on a microcontroller. You can get text to speech modules and speech recognition modules, but a microcontroller does not have the processing power to hold a conversation if that's what you want.
Thanks, what does Loki and robots like that use?

I cant find a robot on LMR called loki with speech so your going to have to be more specific. The loki I did find on LMR was essentially an obstacle avoider robot, simple enough.


Speech recognition, processing of the speech and responding is an incredibly complex topic. University research only level complex. Its artificial intelligence, and very complex at that. Your desktop PC would struggle to hold a conversation. And no offense, the sort of person who has even a moonshot at doing it probably isnt going to ask questions about it on LMR.

I saw it as a suggestion after watching the lets start robot in action, and thanks

You seem a bit confused. You say it will be on wheels but want it to walk around which needs legs.

I meant like moving