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BoB the Biped and Me: Asthetics phase complete

When the long awaited Rev. B PCBs arrived it didn't take long to realize I'd mucked things up again. I'd forgotten to connect any of the I2C lines. So now I'm waiting for Rev. C which is back from fab and will soon be sent to me.

So instead of working on that I set out on wrapping up some finishing touches on BoB's outfit. I found a lot of good things to add recently. One thing I found was some Stikfas Cuboyd robot toys:

Within moments of receving them...

BoB gets arms. And if you look close you can see a failed Rev. B board I left in BoB during the fit testing.


I used a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel, some 300 grit sandpaper to remove the silkscreened decals, and a couple blobs of hot glue to give dimension to BoB. Thank you, relatively rare-to-find Stikfas grey Cuboyd robot.

If you don't know what Stikfas are they are plastic figurines with ball-and-socket joints that give a unique poseability to the simplistic toys. I used a shuriken from the ninja I bought some time ago to serve as something to hold. I attached the football to the top of the shuriken with some hotglue, of course.





I also found one of those antenna toppers for your car. It's in the shape of a foam finger and in the noveau Seahawks colors. I only had to remove a bit of the foam material from the topper to make it fit over the new BoB hand.



I also made some eye paint swatches out of some paper and Sharpie Industrial permanent pen. Cut out and hotglued.

I also went with one of the bigger stickers on the right side to compensate for the "finger shadow:"

I had to trim off just a sliver from the bottom of the sticker to fit. The other side kept the original sticker, it seemed to be scaled well.


In the end I took the shuriken/football thing apart. I think I'm going to cast a rubber version of the football, one that will be easier to hold and hopefully look nicer as well. This plastic football came paired with one of those little plastic team helmets you would get in a $.25 vending machine. I can't believe that it had laces in the details and it was almost perfectly sized.

Now I'm just waiting for the LED PCB to get here so I can finish BoB. The due date is rapidly approaching.





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Haha, that's f****** awesome JAX. (sorry about that words but it's still sticking in my head from the Campus Party.