Let's Make Robots!

Looking for Reviewers of Script

As some know I am working with a Publisher on producing a 2 hour long video course on the topic of making robots with Arduino.

As part of this process I have to write all the scripts for these videos so that the publisher can check them. These scripts also need to be sent out to others in the field for reviewing purposes before I start recording the videos.

I have been annoyed with them at late due to their poor communication inside the company and lack of specifics, so I put my foot down and worked my author privelages. As so I have been able to pull a few strings, one being the subject of this topic.

My request was that I get my work reviewed by people I know, not just some unknown third party, this request was agreed upon.

As so I now ask my LMR bretheren to assist me in producing my video course by reviewing the scripts. If you wish to take part please say so, I will have to grab your email and send it to them as they still want to hand the drafts off to reviewers. It isn't very much reading (about 1500 words per section) and you just have to check to make sure I haven't completely messed up the information. They weren't very fond of using references so much of the information is just of my knowledge (I'll leave that up to your conclusion).

I am not sure what sort of 'reward' they offer (I'm hoping they pay you).

Look foward to hearing from you.


Jaidyn "chickenparmi" Edwards

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I have some professional experience in pedagogical screenwriting. It was mostly corporate, so I more or less had to translate very technical material so that baboons with neckties could comprehend it. You doing it two-column or screenplay style?

Oh really?! Nice! Absoultely perfect. 

I have to fill in a template they use which is sort of a combination of both I guess. I need to show the actions that will be happening and what will be said next to it. Plus there is some SEO crap mixed in there aswell.

I will help out if you like.  As long as you write real English and not Australian.:-)

Does that also mean colour and not color :P Put yourself in a right old spot of bother there my jolly old fellow.

Thanks bdk. Oh come on, Australia isn't that bad! :D

*removes all G'days from script*

I'll put my hand up as well CP.  As Birdmun has said some of the more helpful (and clued up guys) seem to have their hands full

Thanks Pete, name added to the list.

I am sure some of the more useful members here already have full plates. :)

Thanks mate. From previous experience I know that you are the perfect person for it. I'll let you know when you should be recieving something. If you don't like what they have to offer don't feel that you are obliged.

Thanks mate.