Let's Make Robots!


Right now - wiggle his feet a bit, in future - walk around my room.

Meet dave. A new member in the army of bobs, also my minion.

Isotope printed this one in yellow ABS and bought him along to campus party. Actually until I held it I had never held a 3d printed object before. He survived the trip home in one piece while bundled carefully into a telefonica T-shirt with one of the worst puns ever on it ("I'm 99% available" on the front, something about server rental on the back). Its from the yellow that he gets his name really, bob is short and stock and this one is yellow, therefore reminds me of the minions from despicable me. My first name choice was going to be kevin, but seeming as it was kevin that designed bob it just seemed wrong, so I went with dave.

Dave, and some other guy.

4 tower pro SG90's are in use, I was a little worried about one of them as the cable looked a tad dodgy coming from the unit, but it is working fine and it looks like it will hold up for a while. These were courtesy of lumi and his big box of parts. Lumi also provided another arduino nano with the aim of having him walk on the day, which didn't happen until I got home (well, he wiggled his feet when I got home at any rate).

Short term he will probably keep the arduino nano as a brain. Eventually I want to use an LPC810. I do have an LPC810 mini kit but that essentially seems to be an LPC810 soldered in between 2 squares of protoboard with an FTDI connector for programming or power, mini USB for power, voltage regulator and an LED thrown in. The mini kit is a cool little board, but its big, ridiculously so considering it only has an 8 pin DIP package at its centre. I bought some stripboard and have some 8 pin DIP sockets on the way. Going to try and get some bob code running on my mini kit at some point, but there is no hurry as getting the bare LPC810 chips for bob himself seems near impossible right now. End plan is to throw a socketed 810 on a small section of protoboard along with some header pins and extra support hardware.


I have a few pictures on my phone still, I was having problems transferring them to my laptop earlier (stupid Zune + windows phone) and havent powered on the desktop in a few days actually, I'll get them sorted ASAP. For now you get the lovely one captured by my laptop webcam. That and you must have seen a bob or 2 by now :P Have a picture of dead bob (love how the wires happened to sit in that picture) and a little video of him shuffling his feet a bit (arduino nano + ted code {again})

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Cool, can't wait for a video :-)

For the record, yes I brought the big box of parts but they are a donation from DFRobot. 

Just added a youtube one (could have sworn I added it last night). I'll have a look at youku for those behind the great firewall

That's great man, youku is much faster than youtube here in the east :-)

fritsl's 3d printer club map makes me thing i should do a bob club map on the instructable. he looks good.

Looking good part is entirely down to isotope and his printing skills. I don't own anything else 3d printed so don't actually have anything else to compare it against.

Bob club sounds like a good idea.

Having him makes me want a 3d printer even more.

Me too.

I love to see another BoB on the scene. A minion is born! isotope is da man.

BoB club == great idea