Let's Make Robots!

Beerbot 4000

It carries a can of 0.5 liters of beer

I wanted to buid a walking robot and then i did. It cannot stand vertical by itself so i made a wheel based structure in front of it wich is wider than the robot in wich i put a beer can and the steering is also on it. I used mostly computer and printer parts. for example the wheels are actually HDD platters.

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brilliant usage of old parts. "A robot from junk " that's why i call, awesome

Ohhhh this thing is simply amazing! And awakens a desire to work with a lot of pieces removed from old printers and electronics that I have at home. Very inspiring! I think the coolest thing I saw in the last weeks!

Build a better one!

I like it. It's different.

Reminds me of some underpaid labourer, wheeling a beer keg or barrel up from the storeroom.


It does look like some underpaid non human worker. Actually it is since it's not getting any dime. Only fresh juice in batteries that's all. And beer. By the way without a can of beer it can't function properly - just like me :)

ha ha


He's great.

A lot :)

Ha ha, it's like a drunk pushing a shopping trolly full of beer.