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Wild Thumper Controller Compilling Issue


I recently purchased a Wild Thumper Controller for my Wild Thumper . I tried to modify the controller software to use a LiPO battery and to test my ability to compile the code. Unfortunately I ran into several problems. The Fist was:

I was using the 1.0.5 Arduino Compiler:

         The Compilers are not backwards compatible and you must use the 0.0.18 IDE. (Thanks Russell Cameron)

The Second: The compiler could not find the  Constants.h or IOpins.h files: They have to be loaded into the arduino\cores\arduino\core folder.

The third problem was the compiler could not find the file pins_arduino.h I search for the file and moved it to a top folder in the arduino 0.0.18 folder. The compiler found it.

While the placement of these files may vary this is the configuration that finally worked on my Windows XP system.

Please post your successes so we all can learn and save some time.

Good luck and modify the code.




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I believe your arduino IDE should look in that location for anything you <include>