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Mini 3-Servo Biped - Duckling!

Walks around, avoiding obstacles using an ultrasonic sensor.
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This is my take on a very simple 3-servo biped. It is inspired by Frits's "Dead Duck" 3-servo biped.

My version is made with 3D printed parts, and the entire robot is shrunk down (and uses micro servos).

The walking mechanism is also simplified. Instead of a mechanism to lift the legs, I used wedge-shaped feet and rely on the motion of the swinging head to shift his weight from one leg to the other. (To be honest, I wasn't sure it this mechanism would work, but it seems to be working pretty well so far.)

I designed all the parts using 123D Design, and printed them out on my Up Plus.

Initially, I had planned to make him "backwards". You can see in the walking test video that I had planned to put the ultrasonic sensor on the body, and I was going to use the swinging part as a "tail".

However, when it came time to attach the battery holder and microcontroller... I just felt he wanted to be a duck... (Call me crazy.) So, I ended up weaving the excess servo wire length into a duck-like tail, and mounted the battery holders to kind of look like wings.

I've now given him a proper head that includes an ultrasonic sensor. Using that, he is able to detect and avoid obstacles. Currently, the obstacle avoidance is very simple. He just backs up and turns right. However, now that I know the ultrasonic sensor works, I'll work on making him a bit smarter!

I had so much fun building him, and also learnt a lot in the process. This is the first time I've used 3D printing to create a robot from scratch. When I get time, I will refine the design of the 3D printed parts to make him easier to assemble, and will create Duckling version 2.

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"Haters Gonna Hate"

Nice work and very funny to see that little guy walking.

I always feel for him since he looks like he's working really hard when he walks and his swinging head makes him appears quite confused and flustered when spots an obstacle.

Love how you took an old design and gave it a new look, which I might add, looks amazing. I watched the video and I must say, I'm surprised how well it actually walks, 2 thumbs up.

Thanks, Chickenparmi!

Glow in the Dark

Because everything should glow in the dark. :P

I've added a new video that shows his new head in action. He can now avoid obstacles.

The obstacles avoidance is very simple at the moment. He just backs up and turns right. Now that I know the sensor is able to work while he's walking and swinging his head, I'll work on making him smarter.

I've attached the head. (I updated the main picture.)

I did a quick test and he is still able to shift his weight with the new, lighter head and shortened neck. (I may tweak the code to make him swing his neck a little more to compensate, or will add some weight to the head if necessary.)

He is goofy looking, but I love him! :D

Now that I've tested the he can still walk with this head, I'll wire it up and update his software.

I'll post a video once I get all this done!

Looks like a great fun build! Walking looks very good to e for a three servo. Once the head is on its going to be quite cool. Good job and will be watching for updates! Stephen