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kukhrebot- biped chicken walker

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I have been working on this biped for a few weeks now. This is my first robot. After initial tests, I am changing the fixed head with a movable one. can be seen working with a crude , brute code on youtube.

Will update with a video on completion.                  walking Kukhrebot video added. neck servo too weak to turn the head...


just uploading some pictures on request. only hand tools was used and a electric screwdriver was used  for making holes.

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Nice Bot! Are you using 8 servos for the legs? It looks like you have one for the hip, one for the knee, and two for the ankle joint. I'm considering building a biped, and looking for some ideas. keep up the good work!

oh and good luck!

thanx. sorry for late reply. i was fixing my laptop. i have 5 servos per leg. total of 10. Two lateral servos in the hip are well hidden inside the aluminium jacket. May i suggest you add a servo at the hip for turning movement. i only had the idea after finishing my bot.its upto you. cheers

Cool, but I think it came very close to tipping over several times. Just need to tweak the program, so it takes smaller steps, I think.


thanx. will try next time i have the time to do more...

Cool and shared to our facebook timeline.

Wow, that's a nice little walker. Please write more about the details, how did you do the legs, head and other parts. Are you using some kind of stabilisation system like gyros to balance it or is it just try and error in programming the leg movement?

from the start, my intention is to use gyros and Accel's but have had not much time. everything was handmade with designwork straight from the head. I might try and develop a ultra cheap barebone kit, a tad smaller.

great robot, nice walking.............

nice build.