Let's Make Robots!

Rotary Stewart Platform 2013

6DOF motion control platform

This is an update to my previous Stewart Platforms. This is one of the first I truly feel is "done enough" - there are no outstanding technical issues that bug me, the manufacturing is straightforward, and the software to run it is coming as fast as I can get it made.  I intend to build larger and larger versions from here on out based on this model.


  • Runs on GCODE 
  • Limit switches & homing (G28) 
  • No 3D printed parts
  • 1500g static holding force (worst case, tested to failure)
  • 20 degrees pitch & roll
  • 10 degrees yaw
  • 100mm heave
  • 40mm surge & sway
  • Measures 165mm across the top, 230mm across the base, 190mm high at rest, ~230mm at center position 
  • Weighs ~1650g. 150g less and it could carry a copy of itself!

It took 3h to assemble, program, and test.  I already had the firmware from a previous project.  I guesstimate it would take someone new 5h with a soldering iron, a screwdriver, and some crazy glue/contact cement.

My goal with these robots is to Raise Robot Literacy - dispell popular myths about robots and increase the number of people who can make, think, and talk about robots.  I hope you will support me in this endeavour by sharing this with your robot-minded friends.