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How do you program a screen with Arduino?

How do you program a tv screen? I want to do it with arduino, so I can put it on one of my current robots, an entertaining stationary robot head on my desk. I provided some pics of the screen I'm using. Please comment.


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Aaaahhhh... For a start, don't do electronics on the carpet... (See Here.)

A Propeller chip will do this straigh out of the box, no hardware needed beyond 3 resistors.

You might find this link useful in finding out what's involved:


You probably want a "Video Experimenter" shield: http://nootropicdesign.com/ve/

This will let you print text to the screen and even track simple objects with a camera.

Ok I just checked that out your link. It seems pretty useful so thanks.

The Arduino can't do much with that lib. I don't think you'll get an animation out of it. What do you mean by "put a head on your desk?"
I've always been interested in the tvout library and how well it works. You'll have to have a line level video input to use it, driving a screen directly requires hardware. But that player may well have an input. Library is here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,8814.0.html or just search arduino TV out for more info.
Never mind me, that library does pal too now

hmm, wonder if my TV would take an NTSC signal :/

Wow, I didn't know the Arduino could do that. In hindsight I see I should have waited for someone more knowledgeable answer.

I found this YouTube video (there have got to be better ones) of the Arduino controlling TV. Skip to 8:35 to see the actual display in use.