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$20 20-Servo Driver Chip

Vendor's Description: 

Great servo control on the cheap!

This is a bare-bones servo driver -no connects, no board. It does come however, with a resonator included. It  uses a standard i2c set-up using a slave command to get started with regular writei2c commands. Each servo's # is the address in the write command followed by the posistion desired.


writei2c 1,(150) 'servo #1 to the center


writei2c 1,(b1)

The pin layout on the chip is in proper order, the posistion numbers are the same used with the servo command and the servos will hold their posistion until moved again. Quick refresh time as well. In my mind, this is one damn good chip.

And of course, the link.



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but what happened here? Did it ever work?

What I thought was a priority (thus whoring myself out for code) turned out to be not as important than once thought. I realized that I needed to get my servo driver working first! Having done so, I am now onto (back to) the i/o expander. Here's the synconicity part... I am actually plugging in that i/o chip into a breadboard as I sit and read your "what happened here" post.

--I'll let you know what happened. --Thanks again for the code, my friend.