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So this is MMH, The Rock --And the obnoxious guy from facebook as well? Ah! It is all so clear now...

Boo this man!

Whereas CTC never post anything the slightest bit spammy :D

Aw what the heck, lets spam the spam!

For all your robot part needs buy directly from DAGU!

When you say "The Rock is come back LMR !" in your recently created profile, it makes me wonder what your user name was before?

His user name previously was Anupama Rhiyas (the guy frits kicked off the site and the guy who got banned from the Facebook group), need evidence? https://www.facebook.com/anupama.rhiyas?directed_target_id=52847854131

Ah, so "The Rock" is really "The Fool"!

it explains his spammy post.

Thanks. I was curious. Seems kind of strange to anounce being "back" while being a new member.

yes.i know my profile is created to new.but it is my hobby word.

I don't understand what you mean by:

"yes.i know my profile is created to new.but it is my hobby word."

Could give it another try?

What's a "hobby word"?

What! No DAGU parts.