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Loosing coms with my Robot while programming

Recently I've had trouble programming Junior. The Picaxe programming editor would come up with a com port fault. At first I thought it was my cable, I couldn't find an obvious fault so I fitted a new plug on the end going to the robot incase I had an intermitant fault. It seem to be fine but soon the error returned. I checked the computer and Juniors mainboard with no luck. I would be able to make 5 or 6 changes to the program and then the coms error would be back.

I've now found that closing the program editor and restarting it solves the problem for another 5 or 6 updates but this is very frustrating as I'm in the middle of writing the software to control Juniors arm and need to upload and test changes every few minutes.

Recently I installed the software patch to upgrade to Version 5.2.1, I now wonder if this is the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I'm using a usb to serial converter with mine and am always having problems. Most problems are when I'm using debug, but I've found if I close the debug window, then press F6 to bring it back, it flashes up then goes away and I can program again. Failing that, I have to unplug the cable, hit refresh in serial options, plug the cable back in, hit refresh, the 'ok', F5 then it works again.

I'm thinking its nothing your doing wrong, just the programer software. I've also learnt the hard way not to unplug the cable when its trying to communicate (even when it not working), the program crashes and loses everything since the last save.


Since you have a USB/serial interface cable I suspect the USB drivers are doing that. The funny thing is I've never had any problems until I installed the patch so I suspect thats the problem.

I'm hopeing someone else can confirm having problems since upgrading. In the meantime I'm going to downgrade back to V5.2

Did you try to refresh the com port list in the options screen?

I have some trouble with the MAC beta that looks like this. Some programs simply wont upload. It says it doesn't detect the picaxe. I delete  all the code, save the file and it uploads fine. Put back the original text and it says "hardware not found". I don't know if this is related to your problem.

I'll give it a go next time it happens.