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Arduino Multiples Analog Values To Visual Basic language

OK....I Know I always asking and i am getting bored. 6677 Helped a lot but I got one more question.I search the net but i didn't find anything.I want to ask how i can separatethe values  into this three Labels. I already use one label for the one value but i need to separatethem.How i can do it?


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Yes, I Know that i ask again.But It Send All The Data (Reads from arduino) in one label i want to put them in separate labels because are different .......How i can separete them

took me under 5 seconds on a 100kb internet connection to get a list of google results on how to split the data over multiple labels.

Dim sentance As String = "Why,hello,there"

Dim words() As String = sentance.split(',')


Yep, was that easy, you now have an array, live with it.

The arduino and the desktop app will speak to each other using serial communications via USB.

Serial is what you need, sir.