Let's Make Robots!


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I would also like to extend a welcome.

I was looking around on your website and read this:

"As I assembled this small kit chassis, I realized that it would be just as easy to build something on a larger scale."

I don't think it's just as easy to build a large robot as a small one.

I haven't built a large bot myself but from what I've read, controlling large motors is much more challenging and expensive than controlling small motors.

I can make a small robot with tape and foam board. A large robot requires strong materials and careful building to keep it from ripping itself apart.

Of course a lot of challenges remain the same with a large bot. Obstacle avoidance and navigation tasks are very similar with both small and large bots.

That's a great deal on a motorized chair you got. I'm going to keep my eyes open for something similar around here.

I look forward to seeing what you do.

Welcome to LMR Kenneth! Was reading over your web site and it sounds like you've got a vision, a plan, and a method to get there. IMHO this is THE site to meet others with similar interest, ask for and provide help to attain your goals, and just a lot of smart people to hang out with. Once you start actually building &DROID you should post up a build page under robots. There are some others here with similar large bot build desires the would love to see and share experiences I'm sure. Again, welcome and enjoy! Stephen