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While I was at Maker Faire this year, I was booth-neighbors with the great Fredini who was 3d scanning folks the whole weekend. I was one of the luck folks to be scanned!


If you want your very own, printable Chris the Carpenter, please visit:


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First off, damn nice to see you rik, I hope that life is finding you well. Much love.

Alrighty, I do indeed have the ballcap on, but it is on backward. Ballcap brims are the kryptonite of 3d printers... They stick straight out (so no "stepping" each layer out a bit, and no where to add a support really) so they simply don't print well. I sat down in this scan for the same reason --I have a small printer. I wanted a shorter, bigger diameter scan so I could go as big as I could on my small machine.

Yup, all-in-all, I am still a nerd, instead of a wicked-rad pose, I went with the one that was most "printable"...