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Funny story at my expenses

People, I already posted a pictures once hurting myselve. Now it's time again to get your laught at my expenses.

maybe you already know that from my facebook or G+ account but here we go again. 

What do you see? Ok, it's my big right toe... that much I will tell you.

Here another picture to make it more obvious.

Now, guess what happened?

I will solve the question later today but for now that's all you've to work with :-) (now it's 12:17pm  CST - China Standard Time or UTC/GMT +8 hours)

Ok, some comments already solved the mystique tattoo :-)

That Rf module I was looking for got found. Stepping in it this morning and the pins went all the way in my flesh...hard to pull out...



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you dropped a 4 x 2 header on the floor and found it with your toe.

exactly, but only I did not know that it's there...I was assuming it's in my shelft above the location I found it...