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Service Droid V3.0

I was talking to a friend last night and he pointed out the Service Droid would be better on the Rover 5 Chassis. This is what I have so far.

The Service Droid is a cheap robot body with a reasonable amount of functionality. The idea is that you can fit it with whatever sensors and processor you want.

The right gripper is a fairly typical design capable of holding glasses and small drink bottles. The right gripper is a new design of mine. It's intended for picking up objects that are lying flat on the ground.

The Shoulder, elbow and wrist (up/down) are all driven by a single servo in the shoulder. The arm is designed to keep the gripper level with the ground through a set range of movement. It has 3 basic positions.

  1. reach forward and down to pick something up.
  2. lift up and pull back for carrying objects.
  3. reach forward and upward to hand an object to a person or put it on a shelf.

The rear is open for easy instalation and wiring of various controllers. I've left a large hole in the base plate so a small LiPo battery can fit in the base. Mounting holes for the 4ch motor controller have been added. The rear shoulder panel has plenty of room for an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle bone, Propeller board etc. There is more room in the shoulders for sensors etc.

I'm trying to improve the quality of my instruction manuals and since LMR is an international community it seems the best place to get some feedback.

I've attached a PDF with part of the assembly manual. I've tried to make it similar to lego or meccano instructions. Do the diagrams explain it well enough?


Service_Droid_V3_Pincer_Assembly_Manual.pdf554.87 KB

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Great! I Personally like it better than a wheeled chassis :)

the instructions look good..lego style is a good idea if kids can do it anyone can. the only thing i suggest is doing a little box in the corner of each step with what screws, nuts, washers and parts and the amount of each used for that step


Good idea K9, thanks for the feedback :-)

Cool :) If you need a beta tester... Have Rover 5, need new toy :p

i think all of LMR would beta test if we could.

i watched you videos and saw some flex in your old chassis and was goign to comment but this is so much better. it looks big enough to wear a rpi or pcduino as a backpack. this could make a really cool web control bot

Yes, before my friend suggested the Rover 5 I was going to re-design the base but now I agree, this will be much better.

Note: there is more than enough room for a Raspberry Pi and it's "Pi Tin" as well as the 4ch motor driver and a 2S or 3S LiPo.