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My Nameless Bot

Drive around
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Thats Me: Yes, now i am here. I am from Switzerland (I speak German) and I'm 15 years old. I like all things with Robots, Electronic and Computers.


The Robot haven't got a Name. I built a it with an ATmega16. I use Bascom for programming. A 16Mhz Quarz supports him. I can put 4 Digital and 4 analog devices on it.  He has three Sharp Sensors (GP 2D120J). The Motors are from an other Robot like "Cybot" from the magazin "Real Robots" (How know it?). The Motordriver is a L293D. The Powersupply are two LM7805 IC's with a 8.4V Battery. Everything is expandable, because i like to build more and more, when i have any time.

As next will follow a LCD (16*2 Charakters). Maybe i will use a second Microcontroller. In the Futur I will build a new Chassi. I want make it out Acrylglas.

I hope you all like him. And excuse me for my bad english.



I added the UART Electronic on an other PCB. Now i can connect the Robot with a 3pol Cable on the Computer. And i added more 100nF Capacitor for the Sharps. Now the Robot run very well. Tomorrow, i will make a Video. 



Today i added a Power-Switch and a secound Microcontroller. It is a ATtiny2313. The new Controller controll the Servo(s) and later the LCD.

 I think, i will give all Sensors a Servo. 

 Tomorrow, i will make a video.

P.S. New Pics.


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 Ive got both, but i dont think this should be said here....

If you havent already, read 

Best Practice

on the front page




another swiss person! :P

Nice robot by the way.

Have you got MSN or ICQ? :P



How's about Perf?

Or maybe the Horny Turtle? What is that thing in front anyways? Some sort of distance sensor?

 And mieczotronix:I believe the ATMega16 also comes with a 40-dip packaging."Only" difference is half the flash.


edit: Actually looking at the large jpg's revealed what the "horns" were. Like the style :)


That thing on the front is only the old weel from an other Robot. It rolls only over the floor. And yes, the mega16 has only the half flash size like the mega32.
Hey, nice bot.. Looks like an atmega32 though
Its an atmega16, get your eyes checked :p

Tidy board, well built. Looks like you have enough room on your board for adding more and more things. I would love to see a video of your nameless bot.

Perhaps the people here at LMR can help you name it. 

Thanks, i will make a video later, because i have one little Probelm. The Programm dosen't work right. The Bot see alwas a wall or any other thing. -> He drive everytimes backwards. I don't know what's the Problem.

 And witch Name is nice for him?