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What periodicals do you enjoy?

I guess since I asked for this forum area I'll post here too :D

I know we live in a digital age, where everything is available online, but I'm also a person that enjoys riding the bus, and hanging out at parks. I usually have 2-3 books/magazines to read whilst on the way, and am looking for some new material to read since I don't get textbooks anymore now that I'm done with school.

I've found one magazine, called Nuts and Volts, which is amazingly awesome. It's all geared toward the hobbyist, but does a great job on discussing not only circuitry, but also different uses for robotics. There's even a regular called "near space" inside which encourages people to build objects to launch into near space and record data!

I've seen some others (Servo, Make, Popular Mechanics, etc), but it's just while browsing (ok, well Make zine is too pricey for me).

What other publications does everyone here read? How many of us are still addicted to reading paper in our hands not on our screens?

Any email list/publication is welcome. I just love having access to information!

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Read 2600 for all your technical cravings!



definitely an interesting periodical, just have problems shelling out the moolah to buy it :P

I also have only one subscription, to Make magazine.  But I occasionally buy Elektor at the newsagent's, especially the "Summer Circuits" issue.  Do you get Elektor in Denmark?

Back in the "good old days" of electronics, we had Practical Wireless, Radio & Electronics Constructor, Wireless World, Practical Electronics, Everyday Electronics, Electronics Today International, Electronics and Computing and Hobby Electronics.  Now, we don't.  But sometimes people clear out old cupboards of "junk", and you find magazine like these on eBay, or on FreeCycle, or at car boot sales or charity shops.

I don't read that many mags on robotics. i look for them in bookstores, but never found one. i guess there's no market for them in the Netherlands. Also I'm quite happy reading "the Pulse", which is my favorite periodical ;)
Lol, yes, we get "The Pulse" in Denmark as well. I do enjoy reading that :D Has it got a RSS-feed? (Yes, I know I should know or look myself, but this is a social session, so asking is more fun)

Rik has provided a feed  / link thingy  feed://letsmakerobots.com/taxonomy/term/1886/feed



Same here, Make magazine is expensive but so much fun, it's the only magazine I'm currently subscribed to. I really want to get out to the next Maker Faire -- my friend has gone the last few years and it always sounds like really nerdy fun.

Aside from that, I occasionally buy the same ones you guys mentioned -- Nuts & Volts, Robot, Home Shop Machinist, Machinist's Workshop.

Zanth, I always feel like I must look like such a typical, never-talked-to-a-girl nerd when I go through the checkout line carrying a bunch of magazines about electronics and robots and stuff, but yeah, I guess you must look even more out of place :)


I often read Silicon Chip electronics magazine as many of their designs become kits that are relatively cheap and easy to make. My car now has a programable air/fuel mix that gives me more power to overtake trucks thanks to their kit (uses pic processors). But for robot stuff the web is the best source I know of.
Ooh, I'll have to check that one out! I haven't heard of it.
I don't know if they publish outside of Australia but they do have a website.