Let's Make Robots!

What periodicals do you enjoy?

I guess since I asked for this forum area I'll post here too :D

I know we live in a digital age, where everything is available online, but I'm also a person that enjoys riding the bus, and hanging out at parks. I usually have 2-3 books/magazines to read whilst on the way, and am looking for some new material to read since I don't get textbooks anymore now that I'm done with school.

I've found one magazine, called Nuts and Volts, which is amazingly awesome. It's all geared toward the hobbyist, but does a great job on discussing not only circuitry, but also different uses for robotics. There's even a regular called "near space" inside which encourages people to build objects to launch into near space and record data!

I've seen some others (Servo, Make, Popular Mechanics, etc), but it's just while browsing (ok, well Make zine is too pricey for me).

What other publications does everyone here read? How many of us are still addicted to reading paper in our hands not on our screens?

Any email list/publication is welcome. I just love having access to information!

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As mentioned, Nuts and Volts, sister mag Servo, Make, PopSci, PopMech.

Others : Circuit Cellar, Robot, Elektor Electronics, Dr Dobbs, Home Shop Machinist, Everyday Practical Electronics, and glanced through a Robocon mag once, could only look at the pretty pictures.

 I don't subscribe to any, but pick up some of these occasionally to read.

There are a number of interesting trade mags, like EDN, too.

Old ones used to be Poptronix, Radio Electronics, Popular Electronics (all interrelated), Midnight Engineering. Robot Science and Technology. 

Wow, thanks for the list of different mags! I think I'll have to check the others out.

Nuts and Volts is just tooo much fun to read through. Though I get weird looks because they're all located in the "men's interest" section. :P

The only subscription I have is Make. It is costly, but almsot all of the projects are doable by the weekend warrior. I cringe every time I reup my subscription, but they do have a buy 1 get 1 free subscription renewal right now. I justify the cost by its thickness and the plethora of ideas it has. I haven't tried many of the projects though...