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How to do belt-tracks

Just a quick tip on belt tracks, if you'd never did them before, and want to try :)

Simple; one wheel in each side follows a motor, rest is free to turn.

Motors can of course be in same end, but some times it is convenient to have them in each, and that is easy, see the picture.

Belts should always be a little loose, to minimize friction, yuo do not want tight straps.

Cool thing is, you can tun on a plate. And they make a nice, steady base.. and look awsome :)

Uncool thing is they tend to slow things down.

When turning, the tracks has to skid, that is rub over the surface. This is not that efficiant.

You want your tracks to be able to skid over your surface. On indoor systems you should chose hard / plastic tracks, or have a strong motor, or add some tape over the tracks to minimize drag.

  • Tip: When applying tape, make sure to put it on where the wheel is bending the track, a small piece at a time, then turn the wheel, put some more on. If you add tape on the long flat surfaces, a big piece at a time, it will make the tracks too tight.

Hardest thing may be to find the right tracks, but it starts to get easier - look in the components-section.

Get tracking!



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Removed the space so the link will work... rubber treads make turning a nightmare. I had an old RC toy that was on treads and when I tried to turn it the motors had to kick up and got warm. The friction makes it hard to turn unless it is on dirt or gravel. For smaller robots that won't go outside, plastic is best to minimize the friction and save the motors and battery.

You have asked the same question many places, please refrain from that - many people are trying to read every new written line in here :)


/ Fritsl

They are cool, treads.. they sure are, give some spirit & edge to a bot! "here-I-come-on-my-treads"

/ Fritsl

I saw your yellow drum machine and I had to order the Treads like you did! I cannot wait to get started :)