Let's Make Robots!

AUROB - Myra (low budget MS Eddie Robot Version)

Navigate in my flat via Kinect, compas and ultrasonic, obstacle avoidance, now me and other people, can hear and speak

For the winter time I need a Robot for indoor. My other one (AUROB Isaac) is to big to drive in my flat.

So - I have made a Robot like the Microsoft Eddie bot - but cheaper ;) It´s wooden made with cheap gearmotors and things from the DIY-Market. The engine is mounted with two large metal angle. The bearing blocks are mounted with smaller angles. The drive axles are normal threaded rods.

What I need now are the couplings to connect the drive to the motor shaft - which I will do in the next days. The other structure is similar to that of Isaac - Arduino, ultrasonic sensors, Kinect, laptop, odometry, compass, accelerometer, ....

The software will be largely met by Isaac. In addition, a person recognition and a few other gimmicks such a voice recognition, etc. As soon I have news I'll post it of course ;)

Greetings from Austria, Arno