Let's Make Robots!


Hoping it can navigate without damaging itself or my cat

StartingPointBot is my first foray into Arduino fun. A SainSmart 4wd base, Arduino Mega, sweep and pan for ultrasonic sensor, IR motion sensor and an IR controller for overide (like HALT!), an LCD screen for some output data. I plan on adding wireless camera, wifi and back facing Ultrasonic sensor, compass, acceleration. Will all that fit on this base? :) Lots of work left. Updates to follow

I have made a few changes, added a shelf, taken off the servos and added more sensors (center front sensor coming, as well as infared), including a compass. And at the top, added a Wansview WIFI camera.

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New Robot chassis

Roxanna is building a Dalek precursor?

**Nice work by the way. :)

I agree, it certainly does look like Dalek version 1.0.

That is looking fantastic!! :D

Thanks all! 
Actually not familar with the Dalek's.... till now :)
The design is kinda form follows function, function follows the materials I have on hand. 

I decided on the circular base as I found my last robot had the ability to drive itself where it could never get out. This one can always spin in its own space. Once I get it a bit more together I'll start its own page.


I made a project with a camera very similar to yours.

back then I discover that this camera has a JTAG interface on the PCB inside and an API that give you an access to write to serial port and by that a way to control an ARDUINO from web...


Wow! Thanks! I was wondering if I could link the cam and the arduino!.


This is your starting robot?  I am very impressed.  It looks great.  I am working on a 4-wheeler for my second robot and will continue to watch your progress with interest.  Thanks for sharing this with us.

Your project is coming along nicely. Looking very roboty :D