Let's Make Robots!

With my beautiful girls

Hello everyone,

Of course this site is not about projects without "brains", but hey if you are excited about something, your kids might pick up some of the excitement. In my case my two daughters wondered what daddy was doing with all those strange parts. So I decided to do a little pet project with them. I went to a few different stores with the eldest an bought a dish washing brush, a 3V motor, a 3V battery pack, some tie wraps, more double sided tape and batteries and this times two. After some simple instructions the girls were ready to build their own little "fun machines". Who knows what they will build in the future... It was a lot of fun and nice to see how proud the are about what they accomplished. I think it is helpful for them to understand the interest in something you have. After all, they have part of your genes. I've added some pictures to share the fun.


Connect the motor to the battery pack

It's working... It's working!!

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Very nice vibro robot!

It is always good to see new members in the world of hobby robotics.

I'm sure the girls are much cuter than the robots (I agree, they are beautiful) but it would nice an up close photo of the robots. How well did they work?

A video of them in action would be fun to see.

Thanks for the post.

I didn't make a video, but I added some up-close pictures. At first the "robots" where just spinning but with some changes (positioning the motor and battery pack, rearranging for the balance), it starts to go in wider circles. When it hits another object it can go to an opposite direction.