Let's Make Robots!

Tapir #01

Navigate around via ultrasound

This is my very first Robot.

I was inspired (more than inspired) by the "Frankenbob" which I found first on Youtube.

Actually I build this robot together with my 12y-old daughter.

Things I bought or parts I used for this robot are:

Arduino Nano (counterfeit) ~8€
Arduino Nano I/O Board ~6€
Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Modul ~3€
LED Matrix with MAX7219 ~4€
1mm/3mm Polystyrene sheets ~14€
4 Servos (9 gram Turnigy) (~3€ ea)
2S LIPO 1Ah (Turnigy)

Cutting Mat
Snap Knife

We cutted the Polystyrene (1mm) in 9cmx9cm squares and build the head (incl. dremel some holes for Ultrasonic and LED Modul). After that we build the "main"-platform and hot glued in the hip servos and build the legs. We had to stronger the legs and superglued in some kind of support on the outside of each leg. Power supply is realized via Vin on the I/O Board by the 2S Lipo. As this is our first robot we already noticed that "Tapir #01" is very tail-heavy and has to be redesign very soon.

The work on this robot is still in progress.


I provide my arduino code for testing. Its still some kind of BETA!

The Tapir #01 didnt made a correct "obstacles in the way" movement. I decide to go a little bit deeper into the original code from FrankenBob and "developed" a very simple "turn" code.


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Thank you!

Haha, that's awesome. RobotFreak will be more than happy that FrankenBob got a brother :-)

Cool, I like it. FrankenBoB's big brother is alive.