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The MicRObot Challenge

Challenge Results are in! (Finally!)

Before I get to that though, I want to thank everyone for their participation and congratulate everyone on their entries. It is really a challenge to build on the smallest scale that you can. Space is a valuable commodity, and it leads to novel solutions that would never be required on a larger bot. Looking through the entries, you all obviously took great pains to think and build small. Well done all around! I hope some of you have caught the 'microbot' bug and make more in the future, I know I will!

Apologies for taking forever to give the results. Life caught up with me =) I'll sweeten the prizes before sending them out for your patience.

I would like to send everyone a prize for their participation regardless of their microbot's final place, I have a surplus of pager & gear motors and solar panels... If you Email me through LMR we can iron out the details. 

1st:   TIE!  Lilliputian by Protowrxs & zig-zag by Dannyv

2nd:  Climbex by Dipanjan

3rd:   NanoSeeker by JonHylands

Congratulations everyone! Well Done!

And a special thanks to Lumi for judging the challenge with me.

LMR Rocks!



Shameless Bump! 1/5/14

Two days left!



For those who did not notice, on the 23rd of Dec. the challenge was extended another week until the end of 1/7/14 worldwide. Also I'm very happy to announce that Lumi, Bdk6, and I will be judging the entries. Also an hounorable mention prize has generously been donated by fellow LMR member ossipee (see below). Please don't forget to link your project to the challenge page to enter before the deadline. Great entries so far and Good Luck to everyone!



Update: 12/23/13

One week to go and as there are no official entries so far, I am going to extend the end date of the challenge for a week until the end of 1/7/14 UTC (0). I know there are a few who are waiting on supplies, but wanting to enter. To be fair to those who were ready on time though and enter the challenge before the deadline of the new year, they will have that factored into the final results to their advatage. Good Luck!

Update: 12/16/13

Only half a month left to go for the MicRObot Challenge!

Lumi has made a microbot and is considering entering it, but he is also considering judging the challenge with me, depending on if anyone enters or not, So let's get some entries give him something to judge! =)

I hope some of you are entering on this challenge... If not I might just have to send out the prizes to random LMR members. =P


There are some very small robots that have been created in the past, but it seems that most of the innovation in the micro, nano and smaller sized robot arena is within colleges and universities, and many of the smallest are teathered to a separate power source. The main problems with creating a very small bot is finding tiny gearhead motors and a small enough battery, but there are novel solutions to be found out. Hopefully by you!

The MicRObot Challenge:


1. Robot should be as small as possible and mobile.

2. Robot must be non-tethered.

3. Robot must accomplish some sort of directed task, like seeking out light, tracking beacons for navigation, pushing objects out of a sumo ring, etc... Not simply moving about.

4. Robot should have a microcontroller, or some type of programmed interface and is not simply remote controlled.


Questions about the MicRObot challenge rules tonight in the shoutbox has led to the following rules / clarifications:

5. You may enter as many robots as you have created.

6. The contest is open to all types of electtronic packaging/technology. SMD/SMT, Through Hole, Alien Technology, etc...

7. There is no requirement that a robot be built specifically for this contest... eg. if you, a friend, or the robotics dept. at MIT has an old robot that they want to enter... they are free to do so!


Robots will be judged based on (in order of importance):  

1. Size

2. Complexity of task and robot's ability to complete chosen task

3. Aesthetics


To Enter the Challenge:

Create a robot project page on LMR (or on a personal blog) then paste a link to it in a comment on this page. Included in your page should be a minimum of 3 pictures (top, front, and side view) with a meteric or imperial ruler included in each photo to show the true size of your robot. Alternatively you may use calipers for measurement if desired. Also include as much information as you can in regards to your robot's chosen task and be sure to link a video showing it completeing the task.



1st Place: (2) Low current, High quality Faulhaber 141:1 w/ encoder & 90 deg. drive box (these are very nice but used & pulled from working equipment) and (1) New Radio Hack 9v 1.5W Solar Panel

2nd Place: (1) Nice grab bag of prime components from my collection (2x16 lcd display, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, etc...)

3rd Place: (1) New Radio Hack 9v 1.5W Solar Panel

Honourable Mention: (1) Book: "Junkbots, Bugbots & Bots on Wheels" by Dave Hrynkiw with contributions by Mark Tilden.

Edited on 10/24/13 to fix spelling and add information on how to enter (thanks bdk6)

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Congratulations to all the winners! ( And the participants too! ) But what a great competition, no one returned empty handed !


I mailed you through LMR, but I think there was some server error. Did the mail reach you Yahmez?

Got it Dipanjan! Sent one back...

I havent heard from Proto or Jon yet though. So if you two see this, shoot me an email with your address.

Thanks Yahmez.......congratulations to everyone....yahooooooo

Thats so cool! :D I just woke up and see this message. This make my day allready. we all are winners! Congrats to everyone. It was a cool challenge :-)


Congratulations everyone. Very impressive entries. It was very exciting to see everyone's bots. :D

Congratulations, you kooky microrobot builders.

Now, the next stage of the challenge, build a microbot for "colon crawling."  Bonus points for making it imperceptible.

congrats to the winners 

Sorry for the delay without explanation guys. Lumi, bdk6 & I are judging the entries. Lumi and I did that back on the 8th/9th but we are still waiting for a response form bdk6. He was thinking he would get to it before moving, but I believe he was busier than expected, and did not get the chance to. Hopefully all is well we all hear from him soon though. Sorry again for the wait.



I had more than enough on my hands with getting my new printer to work :/