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Face recognizing Artificial Intelligence


UPDATE 11/18/2013:

I have integrated a fingerprint sensor, it's not a sensor but it uses a camera to compare the pattern it's still very buggy, but works.I also have integrated image to text conversion I used the open source tesseract engine this is buggy when using the camera due to quality, but if it is a scanned version it works flawlessly. Bad news is the imagine competition is 16 and up; I am only 14 :(. I will upload the video as soon as I can; I am having a hard time trying to show all the features in one video there are so many. I will try to get some help.

Hello everyone I made a program I just wanted to show off; it's the result of many hours of learning and using python. I also want to say I know it is not like an AI, but it seems like one. The program can converse with you, tell stock price, people biography, birthdates, capitals, can translate languages, open webpages, give recipes, search amazon, recognize faces, search google, tell nearest restaurents, it can send emails and many other things and it has a nice and simple GUI which. The program only works if it detects my face; I made the face recognition program with OpenCV. I actually made this because my mom is really bad at using the internet and often gets confused on which link to use(she always clicks on ads) I was not able to show everything due to youtubes limit, but there are many other things you could ask it. I may make it open source; I say "may" because I want to enter it into microsoft's imagine cup competition, but the problem is I need to make a MSI file to install everything(competition rules) I made the program into a .exe so far.

The program can also turn on lights in my room and it answers questions sarcastically. 

The program has text to speech and speech to text so it works just like siri, but the software I used to capture the screen did not support audio so I could not show it in the video. 

Another cool thing is that it doesn't always give the same answer as you can see in the video I ask it "what is your name" several times and each time it answered differently.

So how do you guys like it, took me about 3 - 4 months to make I am pretty proud of it hope you guys like it, also I am aware it is not a actual textbook AI that learns, but it is pretty close.


Yes! I made the .msi file now you don't need python or opencv downloaded to use the program everything is built in so the .msi installs opencv along with the DLL's and the best thing is the program is not dependent on python now; so you don't need python ever if you want to use it.

I can send copies to you guys if you want to test it.


The program can now send text messages and you can make contacts. You can also search for contacts instead of typing a number all the time.

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If not you ought to get a github account and park it there. In any case, nice work. We're all proud to have you in our ranks!

Coming from you that's insanely awesome thanks a lot Maxhirez.

As for attaching it, I don't think I can attach it here it's a pretty big file about 500mb. I will probably put it on Github, but right now I am making tying to make it easier for people to upload their picture(for face recognition comparison) and setup their email since right now it's configured for my email. 

Sorry, but I'm not patient enough to watch the whole video. I was hoping for some narration. Tell me what you're typing and why (with a voice over). I don't want to try to decipher what you're doing.

I only watched a few minutes. I still have no idea what I saw other than text being typed into boxes.

If you make another video (and I hope you do), I suggest you make is so a person doesn't need to watch the whole video (if it's nine minutes long) but the key information should be stated right at the beginning of the video.

It should be kind of like a newspaper article with key information right up front and then the details can be fleshed out later in the video. And please don't make us old guys have to read stuff off the screen in order to know what's going on. Tell us what you're doing as you do it (and why you're doing it).

I'll make a new video and I will do that.

If its python 2 then you *may* just about be able to get it running under IronPython. OpenCV code may need to be changed to use a .NET OpenCV library rather than the python one though, and possibly a few other things. But you can create a .msi installer from Visual Studio with IronPython, added bonus is that the end user doesnt need to have python installed, only .NET4 (which is part of windows update anyway and already included on recent windows versions).

Yeah I have been looking at Ironpython and cython, but while looking at the documentation I got lost and I did not understand what to search google about your post cleared up things and by the way I am using python 2.7 python 3 didn't appeal to me. Were you able to see the video what are your thoughts about it.