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PicAxe 28X2 Module

Vendor's Description: 

This looks like a promissing new product from picaxe. A surface mount 28X2 on a circuit board with pins to add it to a breadboard. it looks a lot like the Arduino Nano.

Find it here!

It is listed as a future product so it's not available yet.


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wow that sf picaxe small !!!

wow, I was thinking about making my own interface card.

but if this is sold at a reasonable price I'm going for this thing

interesting, is this a add on to the picaxe 28X1, or a entire picaxe controler thing ?
Its an entire controler thing. It has the serial jack connector, a voltage regulator and reset button. The picaxe 28x2 is on the board. i think it's the chip thats mountef at an angle in the picture. 
So freakin' beautiful! I was getting tired of buying/soldering the same stuff over and over again...
I have been so excited waiting for this version to come out! I'm sure I'll buy 2-3 when they first are released :D