Let's Make Robots!

Tadpole Wood

Autonomous Drive, Line/ Maze Follow, Drawing, Mapping, RC Drive

Hey hey! Just as great as the Original Tadpole, but with 100% more wood!

I was shopping on the ol' eBay's and came across some 3mm birch plywood, usually used in model airplanes. I thought to myself, man, that would look really good as a robot chassis. ---And it does! 

I do have to say I see the irony here, this is "Chris the Carpenter's" first wood robot. --Really? It took me what, 4 or 5 years before I thought of putting my two loves together? Sheesh!

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Your workmanship is so elegant its almost painful for mere mortals to look at.  I realize its laser cut, but its just so well done.

What did you make the tires from, if I might ask?

I have done some research and I found a supplier where I can get the plywood at less than 1/2 the cost of my Plexiglass. This might be my new favorite material...

I get this stuff from a neighborhood craft wood store for pennies. Unofficial rule is the first is on wood. It hits the craft spot but doesn't waste my expensive acrylic. :-) 

Deserves a nice mahogany desk to roll around on top of :D

You know, in addition to being a Carpenter, I can hold my own in a finish room as well. I am doing one now in a full French Polish (hand rubbed, obviously) with hand-cut shellac. Grain fill, alcohol dye instead of heavy stain,  Rotten Stone as a final polish . I am also on the lookout for a few exotics to use as well --Tiger or Bird's Eye Maple, Figured Mahogany... Easy to get as a veneer, not quite as easy to get all ready made into plywood.

P.s. --Nice wooded Bender reference, my friend.

I was hoping to hear something like that. Make any erection joke you want about me saying this, but wood is beautiful.

You had to know that's where I'd go with this.

Anyway, it is beautiful! It doesn't look like it has a finish on it. It's just my opinion of course, but I'd like to see it with a nice gloss poly. Maybe an exotic stain, something to bring out the woodiness and at the same time really make it Robo-shiny. Hope I'm not out of line for putting that out there.