Let's Make Robots!

Raspberry Pi bot on RC 3 wheeler base

I have:

Raspberry Pi, geekroo board, 3-wheeled rc car minus controller from charity shop, assorted bitsnpieces from old toys, printers, scanners etc. like motors, gears, and such,not much knowledge but great enthusiasm.

I want to build:

A robot. Obstacle avoiding? Controlled with smart phone? Include a webcam?(RPI camera has been ordered)

Later: include voice control, speech, gps?

So far so good. For a start I have now managed to access my Pi from my linux laptop via vnc (took about 2 hours of googling and messing about) this should make the programming easier. Next step is to learn python. In contrast to my first project (basic obstacle avoiding robot) I am going to sort out the basic software BEFORE the hardware ;-) at least the initial setup, fine tuning will only be possible once things are moving and go wrong.

I hope I have improved my soldering enough to now put together the geekroo board, it looks so nice - it's a bit scary to attack it with the soldering iron. The two motors in the car are working well, so there is one problem out of the way.

If anyone has any ideas what could be done with this lot (but remember this is only my second robot!) apart from what I outlined, I am open to suggestions. Thanks.


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Update: got the pi camera working! its amazingly good. also after much fiddling with parameters, I can now start the Pi by itself (no monitor, keyboard etc) and VNC into it from my laptop over WIfi. Now we're cooking with gas!