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Hello guys,

this is an electronic throttle interpreter a.k.a electronic accelerator, This project is all about controlling the carburetor of your engine using servo, coupled with a picaxe controller and a throttle potentiometer grip. This system increases the efficiency of your engine by opening the throttle in steps thus the cylinder in fully combusted leaving behind no gas residue, and so the staling of the engine is prevented, Since there is no physical linkage cable between the carburetor and the throttle stick there is no need to worry about cable being cut, thus this is a cool up gradation for your engine,

Please do comment your thoughts,



20131025_090716.jpg2.03 MB
20131025_090735.jpg1.81 MB

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Good thing that it can be used in any

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tanx for the advice buddy,

your advices are wecomed,

i have sent a request to my university to sponsor for a dyno test for this system,

please let me know any sort of problems you think that would arise, i'll do my best in rectifying it,...