Let's Make Robots!

Hello , I am Josh Starnes

I started building robots beginning of last year. I live  in Tennessee USA.  There are not many local places to buy parts so many of my orders come from China or a couple choice online stores.  If I have everything I needed at once I would have a robot together in a matter of hours but it is usually the waiting game. I find parts , order then wait 2-4 weeks to get here and start back my work.  Though I am a begginner in robotics, I am a Jack of all trades. I can weld , solder , draw . I am good with DC or AC electrical , auto electric , build / repair computers , fiberglass and composite material construction.


I have a handful of projects I work on in rotation

- Jarvis omnibot 2000

_squeegee the omnibot Jr

-beer butler w roomba base

-rattle snake theme airsoft robot , Rad 1.0

- 5404 omnibot / Rad 2.0 hybrid airsoft robot


I love helping others with their robots probably even more than my own.

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A late welcome also from me. I like it when people use a blog to introduce themselves. Your skills are good for that hobby and your projects are proofing that. Well done and keep posting.


Go VOLS!!!! I'm from Tennessee to. But now I live in Maryland :(

Welcome to LMR and thanks for sharing. Looks like you are like most of us here, many, many projects. You've done a lot of varied work and fab stuff. Cool to see that stuff mixed in. I understand your jack of all trades quite well as I too like to be able to do almost everything myself as well from old cars, home repair to home automation, robots and beyond.

Again welcome and I know I'll be looking forward to project updates and information sharing.

Take care man!


Welcome to the greatest group of all!

Your last sentence would seem to make you a good fit here. :)

Your robots look interesting as well.