Let's Make Robots!

Go and get a Nove Basic Kit for free (ending Nov. 6th, 2013)

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Still two days to go \o/

just like ob1 said it would be perfect for BoB, maybe even as the brain for the production models...lots of power small form factor leaving room for the end user in his head

Yep, that woulod save some space in the head :)

Are you planning to run a production of BoB? Would be awesome to see everywhere \o/

A small scale run of a production BoB is under way, OSS is printing the parts and I'm figuring out how to mass produce the parts I'm looking to have some kits ready for the next event I attend.

That's great. But for mass production you will need something else than 3D printing. It just takes to long to print one. 

Just the prototype will be printed, I think I'm going to use resin casting for the production units


The small size would make it ideal for all those Bob robots on LMR.

Indeed, but also bigger robobots could benefit to get more space for other stuff :-)

Yes there is. It's a 3.7V/90mAh Lipo and you can see it here: http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=70_117&product_id=1013#.UnHQHPnimlE

The size is just that it fiits nicely unter the board.