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LeXI 3000 Personal Robotic Assistant v3.0

She has 2 custom 3d printed HD-7 Arms with interchangable claws.10 ultra sonic sensors 2 hd cameras.
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My Name is Anthony, and I am a Robot Designer. Have a background in 3D graphics and Commercial Design, as well as a website designer.

I put that together with my love of robotics and LeXI 3000 is the result. She originally was to be a upgrade of the Omnibot 2000. I had seen a video of DJ Sears Omnibot 2000 over at the EZ-Robot.com site and was floored at the technology he added to a 1980's toy.

I had 2 omnibot 2000 sitting in my basement waiting for the technology to reach the point where my ideas can become a reality. So i bought an EZ-B robot kit and went to work. What started out being an upgrade grew day by day into a larger more complex build dew to my artistic ability and want for a more professional bot.

Everything changed for the better when i bought a Makerbot Replicator 2!. Now all my ideas can become a reality. I first designed LeXI's Claw. All 3d printed, then I designed her arms and so on. The final arm has 7 servos an bends at the wrist,elbow,shoulder and the wrist also bends up and down and twists.

The Claws are unique because you can easily change the finger/claw types by un-clicking and re-clicking on the different parts. I designed my parts to incorporate the EZ-Bits connect tech. Because she was growing taller and more heavy I upgraded her drive train to a 24v scooter drive.

She also has a Acer A3 windows 8 tablet running all the software onboard with a front chest monitor connected with independent window. She can display videos play games etc.

She has voice and object recognition and the Ivonna Female true voice synthesizer.

She is 80% complete. she should beup and beta testing in a week. I will post her videos and updates as they come in.

Here are my original threads back at ez-robot with all the videos and progress. http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=3878

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Finally got it right and the arms are now working the way i want them too. more in the video.

plus here is also a peek at the revised front chest panel.





Well Vacation is over and LeXI is now back in production. On my vacation I had my laptop with me and was trying to figure out my strategy for the V4 power issue and her Arm movement. I ran several simulations to see if I could get away with the parts that I have and just tweak them but it wouldn't work. If i wanted her to lift objects and not strain so much and also have actual lift power I needed to make a change. My result is the HD-7x2: Dual Servo Elbow Drive. Im printing the parts now and will post the pics and vids asap.

had to put the  project on hold due to the delay of the EZB v4 shipping. i ordered 3 to run LeXI and they where delayed for a few months. In the time waiting i finished her up so all i need to do is connect the chips and start testing. here are the pics of her progress.

I just got back from vacation and im going to finish her air brushing. More pics and video to follow.

Its been a real bad winter this years which held up my LeXI project since my workshop is in the basement which is not heated. So i had to do alot of other work in my dining room with my makerbot by my side. I also have launched a robot site www.xlrobots.com where i build custom requested bodies and parts as well as sell my own line of bots( XLR-6 Hexapod). I only sell the kits minus the controllers and servos just the kits. Anyway now that the weather has changed for the better i am completeing LeXI so she will be able to attend the Maker Fair in TN this June. As i was putting her bac together after paint i noticed that my earlier prints were not as well done as my XLRobot prints are now that i have mastered my replictor and locked down my 3d modeling for prints. Her HD-7 arms were nice but were too weak to handle the tasks i have planned, so i decided to upgrade them and use the other lower grade as utility arms on my work bench. Here i have pics of the new HD-7's so far. I will be using QTC Pills for pressure inputs for her gripping objects as well as a ir sensor and high output led for illuming area of work as well as a micro hd cam in each claw.have to finish upgrading the forarm and awaiting hardware from servo city. Let me know what you think.



set him up to get the measurments down for the mid section connector. a threaded 3" pvc pipe will be the center point from the drive train chasis to the top of the mid section. it will stick up about 4". the upper body will sit on top and the center pvc pipe will go in from the bottom and a screw cap(large pvc nut) will screw on securing the top and waist together. a custom 49 wire male/female plug was designed and printed to assist with the easy detachment of the top and bottom for easy transport. i will post more pics soon.


heres the link to the video which explains it all




Hey Anthony, this is looking pretty good.

Any chance you could share your STL files?  I just got a 3D printer and I would like to try to print those arms.


I am liking the look of this more and more.


Ok i finished the head/neck/shoulders. I will be finishing up the lower body and drive train tonight and them go over the entire build to make sure i didnt miss anything. Now i will give it 3 - 4 coats of clear matte finish to seal in the paint. That only leaves me with the wiring and connections and initial boot up!

Your design is exactly what I want for my robot mechanically. I want to use a wheelchair as the motor base and add a body with head and arms. I don't own a 3D printer so it might not look as nice but the fuctions it could do would be awesome. 

I'm just learning to program which is holding me back really bad to meet my goals. I see your using the EZ-Robot kit. Have you been able to do everything through this kit when it comes to the mobility and voice commands?