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LeXI 3000 Personal Robotic Assistant v3.0

She has 2 custom 3d printed HD-7 Arms with interchangable claws.10 ultra sonic sensors 2 hd cameras.
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My Name is Anthony, and I am a Robot Designer. Have a background in 3D graphics and Commercial Design, as well as a website designer.

I put that together with my love of robotics and LeXI 3000 is the result. She originally was to be a upgrade of the Omnibot 2000. I had seen a video of DJ Sears Omnibot 2000 over at the EZ-Robot.com site and was floored at the technology he added to a 1980's toy.

I had 2 omnibot 2000 sitting in my basement waiting for the technology to reach the point where my ideas can become a reality. So i bought an EZ-B robot kit and went to work. What started out being an upgrade grew day by day into a larger more complex build dew to my artistic ability and want for a more professional bot.

Everything changed for the better when i bought a Makerbot Replicator 2!. Now all my ideas can become a reality. I first designed LeXI's Claw. All 3d printed, then I designed her arms and so on. The final arm has 7 servos an bends at the wrist,elbow,shoulder and the wrist also bends up and down and twists.

The Claws are unique because you can easily change the finger/claw types by un-clicking and re-clicking on the different parts. I designed my parts to incorporate the EZ-Bits connect tech. Because she was growing taller and more heavy I upgraded her drive train to a 24v scooter drive.

She also has a Acer A3 windows 8 tablet running all the software onboard with a front chest monitor connected with independent window. She can display videos play games etc.

She has voice and object recognition and the Ivonna Female true voice synthesizer.

She is 80% complete. she should beup and beta testing in a week. I will post her videos and updates as they come in.

Here are my original threads back at ez-robot with all the videos and progress. http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=3878

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Hey Anthony !  Its awesome you started a robot submission.  They really like for the builder to add build photos and videos up to date.  When you log in and go to this robot submission you can click "EDIT". On that edit page scroll down and you can paste in youtube videos by clicking the " Videos" section. There is also a "links" area to add in the links.  Theres spaces for the controller type, motors used ect as well there.  I had no idea how to add these in when I first started adding robots on here.

Seems like to me that it would be open all the time and instructions saying-  Enter your pictures here- or - enter your links here-  -please fill out these additional details.   Just make it required to fill the blank before it can be submitted even if its "NA" . That would be the easiest way I imagine.

This is what I'm wanting to see although probably out of the price range of most of use here. :-)

Think you'll have a problem using the name "Omnibot"? A cutting edge project like this really needs it's own name even if there's no trademark on the "Omnibot" name. Actually I find it difficult seeing an Omnibot 2000 in there anywhere, you're way beyond that now.



You asked if running your batteries in parallel would help. That really depends on whether or not your motor is drawing more current than you are currently offering. That would be easy enough to find out. You simply need to check the voltage while the motor is moving. If the voltage drops noticeably while the motor is moving, you probably need more current.

I am more curious how well everything will function when you actually start trying to move something like a full 12oz can.

Its hard work with little time. but the efforts are paying off. she should be done by months end if not sooner.

Love your work, but could you please figure out how to rotate your pictures.

Here is the bezel cover/holder of the acer w3 win 8 tablet running the EZB board on board the bot.

here the top part of the bezel. part 2 printing as i type this.

heres some pics of the finished bezel. Also a video link below to see the scanner lighting im adding to the sides.





I finally got the hands the way I wanted. Now assembling the arms and setting up the completion of the build.