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Although I'm sure everyone's seen the videos, here's the finished version of the interview with Fritsl that we produced for the TV show (broadcasting out of Cambridge, Massechusetts!)

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! You've inspired us all to start making some robots-- I'll let you know how that goes!




OMG, that is so funny!!! (for me at least, what an accent I have)

Thank you ever so much, Harlo!!! I am amazed what you got out of it! Thank you!

Will look into the rest of your shows, and hope everyone else will chek it out as well! (And yes - hope to see your robots as well - I think we all are!)

/ Fritsl

Very cool, it's great to hear what Frits sounds like in real life :)


Frankly, I do not sound like that!



/ Fritsl

Well done Harlo & Fritsl.
Very  well done. Good interview, great philosophy.

Very nice interview. I like your point of view.


Dunno how I managed to miss this, but that is a cracker interview! Really well spoken and perfectly clear and enthusiastic!

"Humans are humans, flies are flies and robots are robots..." (Lyneborg, 2008)

It is so embarrassing :D

No further comments, thanks :D