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Yes it uses a wifi link to a PC but there are options to be controlled by a phone / android OS board as well.

EZ-Robot is a system that includes their controller board EZ-B and the software you can download free from their site. The controller communicates with a PC through Bluetooth and the PC provides most of the horsepower for speech recognition, speech synthesis, video image recognition & tracking. There are a number of files on their website that includes sample routines so you can demo your robot without any coding. If, for example, you're building an R2D2, there is already a sample routine that even includes actual audio clips.The controller includes 8 analog channels, and 20 digital channels so it will operate quite an elaborate robot. All the information is on their website along with pictures and writeups on a bunch of robots using their controller.

Thanks very much for the synopsis. That was just what I was looking for.

I looked around on their site but I wasn't sure if EZ-Robot was mainly the PC software or if the controller board was also a necessary part of the system (which apparently it is).

My personal preference (for now) is to keep PCs out of the mix unless absolutely needed.

Thanks again for the information.

So what is EZ-Robot?

Is it software? I tried to find a basic discription of what it is on the site but I didn't find one.

Does a "EZ-Robot" need to be in communication with a PC?

Edit: Okay, I found some information. It looks like it's mainly software. So I assume a robot needs some sort of link to a PC?