Let's Make Robots!


I think I'm the first (other than Bird himself) to finish a "BirdBoard."  It took maybe 3 hours and some frustration with the convention that has circuit layout software label both caps and jumpers with "C" but check it out-It works!  Now to put it on a robot...  Thanks to both bird and Ossipee for their help on this.  When I make a robot with it I'll tell the whole story again, but suffice it to say this thing really is an elegant little bugger!

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I'm dissapointed in you Max. This is like those newbie post that assume we can read your mind.

What is a BirdBord??

Even if I was on LMR 24/7 and knew exactly what you are talking about no one else would know.

I'm Guessing it is aPCB designed by our very own Birdmun but a description of what it does and a link to the original post would be very helpful.

* NCIS style slap on the back of the head for Max*

I'm not sure there's an actual post anywhere-you'd have to ask bird about that part.  All the back and forth I remember was in the shout box.  And the USPS, of course.  But yes, bird designed a PicAxe board to my dream specs when I complained that no one had posted an open hardware PCB file exactly like I was looking for.  He then went ahead and had them made and let Oss and I buy them off of him.  I'm considering ways to make a birdbot from the birdboard that uses little black duck motors and that can be entered in Chickenparmi's dustbin challenge "in spirit."  When I have a robot made from it I can talk a little more about it, but this really was bird's project.  I would feel no better doing a post about it than I could an Arduino UNO or any stock kit assembly.


Ok, I will not demote you to "newbie" status this time :D


That's as good as it gets.

awesome board Max and Bird! so, finally it is complete :D and Bird, i noticed something, you posted pictures of the board from the lower side? i thought the l293 was on the left of picaxe and the programming port/ headers were on the right side but from the videos it seems it is the opposite of what i thought. well, personally i liked the former but it still looks cool!

And now that it works you can submit it on the picaxe's website for their monthly competition (maybe another win for LMR?)



You are correct. It would seem that either Max loaded the parts up on the bottom of the board, or, his camera inverted the video for him. The boards really do have the stereo jack on the upper right. The motor driver is on the left next to the input for the power, and, the PICAXE is just below the stereo jack.

That's the case.  Good ol' Photobooth was the only video camera I felt like firing up by the time I'd finished.  But if you look at the keyboard you'll notice that the arrows and the numerical pad are on the wrong side.

You are the first to assemble one of the boards. I just made the schematic and laid the board out. :P

Second, C.0, C.1, C.2, and C.3 are the pin labels for the 4 pins that drive the motor driver. I thought it would be easier to label them that way so a person would know which pins they were (dis/en)abling. Sorry for the confusion.