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Duino-Robotics T-Shirt Saftey Tip

As many times as my wife has snuck up on me while I was soldering, perhaps I should have suggested this when it initially came up:

Me in my sick threads

It doesn't actually fit as well, but if you wear your new T-shirt backwards it may save you a burnt nose.

(Off-topic:see that stack of yellow-and-black batteries down in the lower left?  There's a reason those are the cheapest ones you can buy.  It took me ten minutes to take one stupid photo because I had to keep switiching them out to get above 6v fresh out of the wrapper.)

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I got my shirt in the mail today too, and Im wearing it as I type this. Good idea Max!

Last I knew the shirt was failing due to a lack of interest. I'm glad to see CP suceeded. It looks good.

those super cheap batteries are only good for 2 things, TV remotes and IR beacons for your robot.


I did think they were going to fail, luckily to the awesome family I have here and the last push of advertising on social media it met it's goal. Some people here 'lumi :P' also said they wanted one but missed out. Next is the LMR shirt then maybe I will do some more of my own.

Brilliant Max, I knew I should have gotten in on those shirts, they do look quite nice. About the batteries, I think most digital camera manufacturers actually recommend lithium cells above alkaline because they are such power hungry beasts, so the batteries may still be quite good for other purposes.

That's awesome! :D Basile had originally suggested that I printed it onto the back of the shirt but for some reason it bumped up the price $1.20. The TeeSpring system was good, LMR shirts are next, but there were some odd things. I think colours are the main thing. My design was rather expensive and I believe it was because of the slighly off yellow it uses. For the LMR shirt using as just straight primary colours where appropiate will bring the price down hopefully.