Let's Make Robots!

Jaimie Mantzel, and me going off about the world.

I think every people on the earth should watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nOzbCiRHhM by Jaimie Mantzel

Personally I'm pretty tired of the society nowadays. Just like Jaimie mentions, there are too many lazy, selfish people that never creates and give anything and just passes through life taking. The key to society is creativity and that was what created it in the first place. Lack of creativity and motivation just holds the world back. Something that definetely does not hold back the world is economy, but most people think it does which results in it being true. Think, if everybody would be motivated and creating, we would be far ahead of where we are now, maybe even on Mars colonizing the planet. Don't get me wrong here on any environment issues, creativity won't make us consume more resources and destroy the environment faster. I'm pretty sure the average lazy guy consumes more energy and recources than the average creative guy. Just like Jaimie mentions, so many products just gets thrown away, being used once.

I dream of creating a new  country for creative and motivated people like scientist, engineers, serious hobbyists or artists. The society should be entirely without economy, however providing basic recources, and all possible tools for creating stuff. Yes, this includes food (but maybe the country will grow it's own crops) and other provisions. The fact that all people in the country is motivated will make for an extreme amount of manpower. Anyway, the country would have money outwards, and i guess the country would produce an huge amount of stuff that other countries would be interested in, and some countries maybe will donate money because the coutnry develops technology at such a high rate.

Hope for people to give strongly positive response, after all, thats what would be needed start this thing off (and some land maybe, i guess... :P But that will be able to solve)...

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Lazy and selfish people exist because that is the only thing you are seeing about "them" at the moment. Every lazy person has a huge potential.
Just as a simple "lazy" "dead" rock for example contains enough potential energy to power a city, people have a enormous potential of energy, beauty, and creativity. The trick is figuring out ways to release it! (this goes for both people and rocks, its not easy to release the potential energy from a rock) The way they express their creativity, might not be in ways you are willing to accept. They might not build robots. For example, I imagine there are lazy people who are increadibly creative about being lazy. How do they sustain themselves? How do they eat or drink? How do they provide shelter for themselves?... geeze, its alot of work being lazy.

Don't be bothered by non-creative or lazy people, learn how to inspire them just as you continue to inspire us with your robots.


I agree with Fritsl, up to the point about the blog, do I have a blog?, where is it? ... I'm still trying to figure parts of this drupal ... I think I'll go back and haunt my wiki.


GroG :)


Blog: Top left corner, frontpage ;)

(and always in right menu, middle) 

/ Fritsl

I think any society where "someone" or "something" has selected who are welcome ends up being a bad society.

I think a good society takes all kinds of people, also the ones we do not like, as they may not like us, but it is nice to be welcome.

I think history has shown that every time someone talked about grouping an elite, or filtering a country, it always turned out a really bad idea.

I do not think there are enough "cool people" to form a society of them alone, and every time someone tries, it ends up in a mess.

I am happy with the people here in this world, the fact that we are a mixed collection - it provides life - we are all needed - and I think that if one wants to change things here, one should start with one self.

I think if you like more people here in this world, more people like you, and this way you get closer to only being around people you like.


.. And.. I think that post should have been in your blog, no?

I hope your upcoming study will be an opening into a new, and positive part of this society that reality forces us all to be in :)

/ Fritsl


(And that is about as deep as I personally think I will get on this site; I am here to talk robots, but I thought your post should have more than deep silence!)