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My first light seeking robot : dronzy (inspired by Jaidyn edwards or Chickenparmi)

light seeking

This is my first light seeking robot, "dronzy". I know the name is bit weird but i kinda like it. So first of all my robot has for a brain an arduino uno r3, wich i'm planning to change due to some desing flaws, for a backwheel he has a caster wheel, for his eyes or sensors he has two photoresistors, 2 continous rotation servo's to move , a 6v battery with batteries to power the servo's and a 9v battery to power thhe arduino.



The code. So i know that this light seeking robot looks very similar to the one that Chickenparmi made, but i did not want to use his code because i wanted to try to make it  light seeking by using my knowlegde in programming. So for those whp think i just copied exactly, i just want to say that i didn't. So the code for me was a bit easy to do but i did have some problems with the servo rotations because instead of making it go forward like this :



I made it go backward so i had to change it. I also had a little problem because when i was actually making it light seek, i made it go to the dark =P But in the end it all worked out and i'm happy with what i got =D

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Great work! Can't wait to see more bots from you. :D

thanks guys ! i don't know what to say but just thanks :)

Groovy man! I was hoping you would start posting your bots on here. Make a page for your entry into the Scrap Bin Challenge too so these guys can see it, they will love it I assure you! You have come very far in such a short amount of time, when you hit my age you will be 100X more experienced than me and cranking out all sorts of madness. Two words, love it. 

Not gonna lie, its pretty awesome to have my name in the title.

You picked a good robot mentor.  We call him CP for short around here.

Do us a favor-when you edit this post to add more photos, click on the "Additional Information" link and fill out as many of the fields as you can.  It will tag a lot of information for easy tracking.