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My first light seeking robot : dronzy (inspired by Jaidyn edwards or Chickenparmi)

light seeking

This is my first light seeking robot, "dronzy". I know the name is bit weird but i kinda like it. So first of all my robot has for a brain an arduino uno r3, wich i'm planning to change due to some desing flaws, for a backwheel he has a caster wheel, for his eyes or sensors he has two photoresistors, 2 continous rotation servo's to move , a 6v battery with batteries to power the servo's and a 9v battery to power thhe arduino.



The code. So i know that this light seeking robot looks very similar to the one that Chickenparmi made, but i did not want to use his code because i wanted to try to make it  light seeking by using my knowlegde in programming. So for those whp think i just copied exactly, i just want to say that i didn't. So the code for me was a bit easy to do but i did have some problems with the servo rotations because instead of making it go forward like this :



I made it go backward so i had to change it. I also had a little problem because when i was actually making it light seek, i made it go to the dark =P But in the end it all worked out and i'm happy with what i got =D

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thanks guys ! i don't know what to say but just thanks :)