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Recycle bot 5000

Obstacle avoidance

This robot is one of my robot entries. i will probably make another one. So like i said this is my robot entry for Chickenparmi's Scrap bin challenge.This robot is an obstacle avoidance robot.When it sees something close it will stop then turn left and then continue moving forward.It was a siple code to do.


For brains he has an Arduino uno r3, 2 geared motors to move, 2 9v batteries one to power the motors and the other to power the arduino, for his eyes or sensors i put a HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor, the backwheel is actually just a bottle lid. His body is all made out of cardboard and the wheels are made of styrofoam. On the robot chassis you will see a cardboard box and in that custom made cardboard box there lays his brains (Arduino) and all the wiring.


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Congrats for the mention in the challenge. I am sure you will have another chance in any other challenge soon. Keep going...

Great bot, and congrats on the honorable mention in the scrap bin challenge! I wish I was able to start off this young in robotics. What do you plan to build next?

cool robot, but i deeply recommend mounting the ping sensor on a servo or even better having three or more ping sensors.

because if the robot is going towards a wall or object on a angle it will not be detected by the ping sensor. and it will probable crash into the wall.       

yeah i know it had some problems when i was playing with it and when it went in an angle. But anyways thanks for the advice :)

You're pretty talented. Nice bot!