Let's Make Robots!

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lumi's picture

Congrats for the mention in the challenge. I am sure you will have another chance in any other challenge soon. Keep going...

drewtoby's picture

Great bot, and congrats on the honorable mention in the scrap bin challenge! I wish I was able to start off this young in robotics. What do you plan to build next?

thereturnofthewill's picture

cool robot, but i deeply recommend mounting the ping sensor on a servo or even better having three or more ping sensors.

because if the robot is going towards a wall or object on a angle it will not be detected by the ping sensor. and it will probable crash into the wall.       

kid robot maker's picture

yeah i know it had some problems when i was playing with it and when it went in an angle. But anyways thanks for the advice :)

lukealderton's picture

You're pretty talented. Nice bot!