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Soft Robots:FinGripper (3D printable project?)

Found this video on Dailymotion while watching old episodes of Dr. Who.  There are some interesting ideas about the safety jacket for example, but what really got my attention was the bio-mimicry and soft-gripper design (at about 3:50-4:30)  I"m not sure I see quite how the internal hinges on the finger are connected-they may be fixed and they may be moving along the walls somehow.  It's a fascinating motion to watch.  Here's a link to the company's product PDF.  It doesn't do much to explain things though.

This animated gif shows a traditional gripper side-by-side with the "fishGrip" closing in on an egg:

(I know which one I'd want making my breakfast.)

I guess this reminds me in some ways of the BasWheel and I'm hoping that one of you guys with a 3d Printer will find this interesting enough to try a version of your own.  A PLA/Flex PLA solution might be a possibility here.  Watch the video-it may be enough just to print a pair of extruded, multiple-bar capital "A's" and mount them the way a traditional uses its "Fingers."

I'm not a 3dP guy and certainly don't have the SketchUp/Slic3r chops to make something like this, but it doesn't look terribly complex or time consuming.  If anyone thinks it's interesting enough to try it, I'd love to see the results.  Oddbot-maybe this could be an option for OddJob.

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Some more experiments.... and i am starting to lean into my own design now...as the original egg pincers can be improved (:-P   (yes i spotted a design enhancment and its already implemented on my model..) ...though the final Drive Servo/Gear/Links evade me at momo ....come on elves........

LightWeight - proof of concept model...

Here is first altered version......

Flexible PLA test conformable Finger goes under test .... seems to be in the right direction....

The crossmember paper clips (to be replaced with plastic struts) are very important to the design... and should not be made flexible under any circumstances.

Normal PLA does a good job too...

That is too cool. Thanks for doing that-my curiosity was killing me. Your solution to the internal springs connections is fantastic.

I would have loved to use these for the service droid but I didn't want to risk a patent lawsuit.

However if you plan to 3D print replacement fingers I can give you the dimensions for the gears.

I thought that the main reason to manufacture things in China was because you could get away with patent infringement there! BTW I could use a new "Rolex."

Unclear. Omelettes or boiled?

Is there a crepe-making robot or are their crepes all crape?



No trouble, I'll get me coat.

Have you seen this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:97640 ?

Maybe the design could be based on it.


It looks like their solution to the bar connection problem is pretty straightforward. I'm thinking Gareth's experience with flex PLA might be able to help hollerer's design out of the "fail" category though.