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ATtiny84 3-servo hexapod

Avoids obstacles

Similar to the Pololu 3-servo hexapod, except I made my own PCB, built my own IR sensor system, and wrote my own code including hardware Timer1/interrupt assisted servo pulse control.

Code and PCB layout here:


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Surely you could use only 2 servos? One for the middle left / right legs as you have it, and then one for all other legs? Or do you need the 2 outer legs on each side independant to turn? I am thinking of making this, it's really cool...

This is great, what I like about it is it's not really perfect and controlled, it sort of flails around a bit. Adds to the creep factor a lot!

Reminds me of a harvest man that touched it's leg on a RCA cable that was in use. Because the cable was live the harvest man went all weird, one leg got wrapped around the cable and the other legs started scrabbling as it tryed to pull the stuck leg away. I had to unplug the cable to let it escape...

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yes it's generally a bad idea! Now anyone can get at it *SPAMS*

It is also a very bad idea to post your email address anywhere online.  Your profile has an option to enable other members to contact you.  That is much safer.


 Could you send me the code(if you used C++) and the instructions to build?


There are multiple links to the code in the post.

It's bad form to ask for code not offered.

Download here:


Feedback welcome.

So I take it you have made a library that will work on ATtinys that is still in development stages? I'm interested in trying it out (soon as my ATtiny84A arrives anyway!)

I would be one of those fans. I figured I'd be able to get 4 servos working across the tiny family but shelved the project some time ago. I was aiming at using an 8-bit timer though, so this looks promising.