Let's Make Robots!


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I made this robot for my diploma, he is Lindo1 whit 555 photovore's circuit :)

  • this is all components:

  • Lindo's circuit :


other pics:

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nice autonomus 555, how old are you?

I love the idea to not use wheels. I thought it would be loud, but it's not, and that's awesome!


unfortunately it doesn't work on all surfaces 

They are wonderful.This one certainly is...asthetic.Good job !

Thanks man!

i'm using a diode Schottky for solar panel :)

Are the panels in series with other or parallel?

Because the solar panels are facing opposite directions, you would need bypass diodes accross each panel if they are wired in series, otherwise the shaded panel will limit the current. It will still charge your batteries, but at a slower rate.

If they are wired in parallel then you would want two blocking diodes, one from each panel, otherwise your voltage will be limited by the shaded panel. So If the voltage of the shaded cell is low you might not even have high enough voltage to charge the batteries.

Then of course the easiest solution might be to have both panels pointing the same direction and skip the extra diodes.



I solved this problem by removing the solar panels ... and use them for another project 

i paid this panels 10€ ,too much expensive for only one Beam ;)

Nice little 555 photovore you built there Azza.  Do you have bypass diodes on the solar panels? If not you might consider adding them so you get the full current when one cell is shaded and the other is well lit. Also tiny rubber tubing from an old inkjet printer works well for 'tires' on the motor shafts. It's a good looking bot though, you should add a video so we can see it in action!