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Saving space in your circuits

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Word of warning though. Go easy on the heat since your soldering very close to the component. After it's done and tested ok, if your tempted like me to seal it to protect it, don't! I sealed a circuit like this in epoxy resin to protect it from corrosion. As the resin cures, it can produce a lot of heat and mechanical stress as it sets. My circuit didn't work properly afterwards. I have also found that epoxy resin can be porous and absorb moisture. I made a cluster of multicoloured LEDs to go inside a fountain and used epoxy resin to seal it. 12months later, the leads were coroded through as a result of absorbed moisture.
but compounds made for protecting circuits can help a lot. Think I've seen a polyurethane potting compound before, works great, but best to test the circuit before sealing and after.